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About Me

About Me

Hey, I’m Aileen! I’m a Posher, Accountant, + Fashionista. I am a fashion reseller currently selling mainly on Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, + direct sales to consumers via Instagram – but overall Poshmark is BAE!

So if you’re here to find how it all started. Here’s my story.

As a young girl, I dreamed of one day being a fashion designer. Consumed by the fear that it would be an extremely challenging, + hard career for me to succeed in – I instead pursued my passion with business/accounting (I low-key love math, excel, + I’m super detail oriented) – I know, super weird. Fast forward a few years, after working in corporate America as an accountant for a few years, I found myself wanting more. I wanted something of my own, something aside from my career. That’s when my Husband encouraged to create my own fashion line + utilize my growing platform on Poshmark to pursue both of my passions fashion + business. It was a complete lightbulb switch for me. It was a no brainer that is what I should do. So I followed my heart, and started researching the amount of endless opportunities, + I found the world of reselling.

How I Got Started With Reselling?

I joined Poshmark back in 2017, after a google search for “places I can sell clothes for money.” I wanted a way to get rid of some of my unused clothes at home + made about $1000 within my 1st year using the platform. It had just become some side money that I brought into my home.

It wasn’t until February of 2019 that I started learning about the world of reselling. I stepped foot at my first thrift store a few weeks later + picked up a GAP dress for $9.99 and an American Eagle pair of jeans for $14.99 + thought – “OMG, I can definitely flip this.” (surprisingly I did end up selling both for a profit)

Suddenly, I found myself truly enjoying what I was doing. I combined my passion for fashion, and my skills as an accountant to build a strong foundation for my business from the start. From creating an inventory system that was effective, setting up my sole proprietorship in a way that was going to be easier to keep track of my gross profits, learning about vintage clothing, modern styles, + building my brand as LunarChique. This was it, this is what I had been searching for. Something to call my own. Something that felt like me.

What Do I Do in Addition to Reselling?

In addition to reselling, I found an opportunity to start creating fashion merchandise for people like me who loved the joy of reselling online. I wanted shirts that we’re a bit different than the “Posh Babe” / “Posh Boss” shirts. I wanted to express the creativity behind what us, resellers actually do. Something that represented what we do daily. That’s when I first reached out to a few people on Instagram asking them personally what they would like to see.

From it, I released my 1st two designs: I SELL YOUR GRANDMAS CLOTHES (because hello, vintage clothing is the and POPPIN’ TAGS (because let’s face it, the majority of the time, we’re dealing with cutting off those thrift store tags).

So many other designs have been in the works for months. I created this site to be able to bring these straight to you. Along with providing you with VALUABLE content that can help you get started + build a strong foundation for your business like I did.

Selling online is so much more than just selling things online. As a reseller, you become the CEO, you learn to do marketing, accounting, advertising, social media management, product photography, logistics, and fashion merchandising. You become someone who wears the hats of so many different careers. I plan to bring you excel spreadsheets, + word templates, like the ones I use in my own business to help those that may not be as tech/excel savvy.

I truly believe that in this world there’s enough room for everyone to make money + I look forward to helping others pursue their OWN passion to make money from it.


In the beginning if you would have told me that the things I mention below would have happened, I probably would’ve rolled my eyes and said “YEAH OK.” It’s crazy to think that all these accomplishments have happened in just 9 months of reselling:

᛫ I built my brand: LunarChique

᛫ I’ve sold over 800 items across all platforms!

᛫ My average sales price per order on Poshmark has increased by 94% from when I started (that’s huge!)

᛫ I created my own line of cool graphic t-shirts + sweaters for people in our community

᛫ Have met such amazing other resellers in the community! + made new friends that love what I do too!

᛫ Got invited to speak at Poshfest 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona! To talk all things business, our approach to budgets, tax season and creating the ultimate business plan so you can be an entrepreneur who wear all the oh-so-stylish hats!

It’s CRAZY when I think about how much has happened in the course of less than a year! There’s nothing better than working in what you love! Because when you love what you do, the work will no longer feel like work. You’ll work more (smarter) because you enjoy what you are doing + because of it the opportunities will be endless!

If you’ve made it this far. Thank you! This community has changed my life for the better. I cannot wait to speak with you (please do, my email/direct messages on Instagram is open to anyone)! I love learning about others, I truly believe that any one who comes into your life is there to make a difference.

I truly look forward to what this next year will bring!